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    Active Transportation Plan

    A healthy community where people of all ages and abilities choose active modes to get around safely.


    The results from Survey #1 – Issues and Opportunities are now available for review! Read the Public Participation Summary Report for what the community had to say about Active Transportation in Port Hardy.



    Key Contacts:

    District of Port Hardy – Kam So ATP@porthardy.arraydev.net

    Bunt & Associates Engineering – Tyler Thomson tthomson@bunteng.com


    The District of Port Hardy retained Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd. to undertake the development of an Active Transportation Plan on behalf of Port Hardy.

    Port Hardy offers an extensive walking and trail network with options ranging from easily accessible routes to those more suited to avid hikers. The existing parks and trail network has a practical function for residents and also importantly serves as a gateway for locals and visitors to the many sites and attractions offered within the District. Through the development of the Active Transportation Plan, the District of Port Hardy will be able to add to the walking and cycling network by filling in the gaps and providing new links which are comfortable, safe, enjoyable, and functional for commuting to work and school, as well as for recreation, socializing, and running errands.

    Active Transportation Plan Objectives:

    1. Evaluate the functionality of the District of Port Hardy’s existing network of designated trails and walking and cycling routes in town and the surrounding environs that connect the community including from Fort Rupert and Bear Cove Ferry Terminal.
    2. Identify gaps with current trail, sidewalk, and pathway infrastructure with a focus on providing solutions to enhance overall connectivity and which encourages adherence to safe travel routes.
    3. Identify a connected network of “Bikeway” streets which foster safe and shared routes for bicycles and vehicle traffic, as well as highlighting potential priority locations for adding crosswalks, and pedestrian/bike signals.
    4. Provide safe and effective traffic calming solutions.
    5. In consultation with the community, develop a priority list of projects with estimated costs for implementation in the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.




    Active Transportation Plan Process

    public participation:

    The District and the consulting team will be engaging with the Stakeholder Groups and the Public to ensure the plan fully considers the vision and voice of our community. It is intended that the Plan’s study, consultation, and recommendations will be reported back to Council in Spring 2021.


    Upcoming Engagement

    Nov 13, 2020 Walk/Wheel Town Tour COMPLETE
    Invitation RSVP Nov 9, 2020 Walking Tour Map
    Nov 13, 2020 Bike Town Tour COMPLETE
    Invitation RSVP Nov 9, 2020Bike Tour Map
    Nov 13 – Dec 4, 2020 Survey #1 – Issues and Opportunities – COMPLETE

    Survey #1 – Issues and Opportunities RESULTS

    Feb 2021     
    Survey #2 – Rate the Recommendations- COMPLETE
    Mar 2021 Presentation to Council VIDEO
    Mar 2021 Final Report  Port Hardy Active Transportation Plan 2021



    Navigating Trails and Roads