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Home Owner Grant

The Provincial Government offers a Home Owner Grant to reduce the burden of property taxes on owners who occupy eligible residences. The grant amount is dependent on the taxes assessed on a property. At this time, the maximum grant  is $770 or $1045 for seniors 65 years or over, permanently disabled or individuals in receipt of certain war veterans allowances.


When property tax notices are sent out (May 2019), residents of Port Hardy can apply for the Home Owner Grant online.   You will need your roll number and the eHOG Password printed on your Property Tax Notice.
If you did not claim your 2018 Home Owner Grant, you may apply by contacting the District Office at 250-949-6665.


Home Owner Grant Information

If you did not apply for a Home Owner Grant in 2017 you may still be eligible.  Please contact the Municipal Hall for a Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application (must be received by December 31, 2018) For more information, contact our office at 250-949-6665 or visit the Provincial Home Owner Grant website for detailed information on:


Property Tax Deferment Program

For information on the Property Tax Deferment program, visit the Government of British Columbia Property Tax Deferment website.

Who Is Eligible For The Grant?

B.C. residents who own and reside in the property as their principle residence are eligible to apply for the grant. You and your spouse together may qualify for one grant on one residence in B.C. in any one calendar year, even if you live in separate residences (unless you are legally separated).


Do I Need To Apply For The Home Owner Grant If My Taxes Are Included In My Mortgage Payment?

Yes. The completed application form (on the bottom of your tax notice) must be received at the Municipal Hall by end of the business day on the tax payment due date (early July).


I Applied Last Year, Do I Need To Apply Again This Year?

Yes. You must apply every year.


Where Do I Get A Grant Application?

The grant application is located at the bottom of your tax notice. Complete it online OR fill it in, detach and bring/mail/courier the application to the Municipal Hall by the tax payment due date (early July) each year.