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    Recycling Options


    There are many recycling options available for the community, ranging from lawn waste to used clothing. Please click on the following links for more information:



    More on Recycling


    Aluminum Cans/Plastic Pop Bottles

    • (returnables) Return for cash to: Port Hardy Return It Centre – Save On Foods
    • Donate to:
      • Eagle View Elementary
      • Fort Rupert Elementary
      • Robert Scott Elementary
      • Avalon Adventist Jr. Academy

    Batteries ( no Charge )

    • 7-Mile Landfill (household & vehicle)
    • Eagleview Elementary (household) )
    • Napa Auto Parts (vehicle)
    • North Island Gazette (household)

    Cell Phones ( No Charge )

    • The Source
    • 7-Mile Landfill

    Commercial Waste

    • Fee charged – 7-Mile Landfill


    Garden Waste (not stumps)

    • No charge – Public Works Yard Waste Site (nothing over 2” in diameter, no wood chips, stumps, roots, soil or rocks)
    • Fee charged – 7-Mile Landfill


    Hazardous Waste

    • Fee charged – 7-Mile Landfill (paint, oil, used batteries, etc.)


    Household Appliances ( No Charge )

    • 7-Mile Landfill
    • Boris Mobile Mechanic
    • Tysol Enterprises


    Household Goods and Clothing – ( No Charge )

    • Port Hardy Hospital Auxiliary
    • Harvest Food (pickup may be available for larger items/loads)


    Household Trash

    • Fee charged – 7-Mile Landfill
    • Fee charged – Transfer Station (Fox Disposal site)


    Marine Related

    • Petro Canada – available to customers at no cost (oil/ plastics)
    • Quarterdeck Marina – available to guests at no charge (oil/ hazardous waste/cardboard)


    Metals ( no charge )

    • 7-Mile Landfill
    • Boris Mobile Mechanic
    • Transfer Station (excluding appliances)


    Non-working Computers/Electronics/Small Appliances ( no charge )

    • 7-Mile Landfill
    • Port Hardy Return It Centre


    Plastics ( no charge )

    • 7-Mile Landfill
    • Port Hardy Return It Centre (returnables + milk jugs, no milk cartons, plastic bags,)
    • Overwaitea (returnables, shopping bags, tetra pak)


    Used Tires/Oil/Oil Filters ( no charge )

    • OK Tire