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    COVID 19 Resource and Information Page

    Effective September 13, 2021 proof of vaccination

    May be an image of text that says 'Where you will need proof of vaccination 10T Restaurants, pubs, bars & lounges (indoor & outdoor dining) Organized indoor events with 50+ people Discretionary organized indoor group recreational activities Indoor concerts, theatre, dance, symphony events Fitness centres, gyms, adult sports (indoor) Indoor group exercise activities Night clubs, casinos, movie theatres Indoor ticketed sporting events COVID-19 IN BC'


    August 25, 2021 Masks Madatory

    Recreational travel across B.C. is allowed. Respect communities, make a plan before you leave and arrive at your destination prepared.

    BC’s Restart: A plan to bring us back together -Updated June 15, 2021

    We are currently in  Stage 3 


    Understand the plan

    Step 3:start date July 1

    • Provincial state of emergency and public health emergency lifted
    • Returning to usual for indoor and outdoor personal gatherings
    • Increased capacity for indoor and outdoor organized gatherings, with safety plans
    • Nightclubs and casinos reopened with capacity limits and safety plans
    • New public health and workplace guidance around personal protective equipment, physical distancing, and business protocols

    Full list of Orders 

    The more people you hang out with, the higher your risk of being exposed to and spreading COVID-19. Do your part: socialize safely.
    That means:
    • If sick, stay home — no exceptions
    • Stay 2m apart
    • Keep your groups small
    • Don’t share drinks or smokes
    • Avoid crowded, closed or indoor spaces
    • Have a designated contact keeper at parties
    • Don’t party with people you don’t know
    Remember: your choices make a difference – you can keep others in your community safe.

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