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    Official Community Plan Review 2020

    Key Contacts:

    District of Port Hardy – Heather Nelson-Smith OCP@porthardy.arraydev.net

    Urbanics Consulting – Ross Blackwell rblackwell@urbanics.com

    Stakeholder Meetings

    We will be holding Stakeholder meetings for the review of the Official Community Plan were held September 29th and 30th. If you missed it and have something you would like to offer, please reach out to the above contacts.

    Social and Housing Environment Economy Community
    -Food Security




    -Riparian areas

    -Environmental assessments

    -Carbon neutrality

    -Sensitive ecosystem health


    -Local business


    -Economic development

    -Cycling and walking

    -Youth and seniors

    -Arts and culture




    Do you want to sign up to be a stakeholder?

    Part of the Official Community Plan review requires focused stakeholder workshops. We are looking for those who are passionate about Port Hardy in any one or more of the following topics:


    Social & Housing




    • food security
    • poverty
    • housing
    • mobility
    • riparian areas
    • environmental assessments
    • carbon neutrality
    • sensitive ecosystem health
    • industry
    • local business
    • beautification
    • economic development
    • cycling
    • walking
    • youth
    • seniors
    • arts
    • culture
    • parks


    If you think you would like to be part of one of these groups, please email ocp@porthardy.arraydev.net and provide the group(s) you would like to participate in, your full name and contact information.

    What is a Stakeholder?

    a stakeholder is any individual, group, or party that has an interest in the community and the outcomes of its actions. Common examples of stakeholders include residents, business owners, teachers, students, seniors, government agencies, developers, contractors, non-profit representatives, etc…

    Why should I participate?

    …because you care about where you live.  The Official Community Plan is a living document that helps guide the future decisions of Council. It sets direction for priorities, property taxation, policy creation, development and future land use which help to shape a community and its livability.  We can’t update this important plan without the involvement of our community members – the more people involved, the better the outcome for everyone.

    What if I don’t know what an Official Community Plan is or haven’t read it?

    Don’t worry we won’t be testing your knowledge. We want to gain focused feedback on specific topics that you are passionate about.  We will give you easy tools and opportunities to share your views and ideas.

    When will these stakeholder groups be conducted?


    What about COVID-19?

    We will be following all physical distancing and sanitation requirements to ensure your safety. This will include offering in person (properly set up in a large space) and online opportunities for participation. If you don’t want to come out or can’t join online, we can create dialogue over the phone or by email.

    How can I find out more about the Official Community Plan?

    Visit our OCP page here or contact:

    District of Port Hardy – Heather Nelson-Smith OCP@porthardy.arraydev.net

    Urbanics Consulting – Ross Blackwell rblackwell@urbanics.com


    OCP Update and Survey Launch


    We love Port Hardy. We love the place, the setting, and the people. How do we protect what we love about our community while preparing for future opportunities?



    As you know, we cannot yet host public open houses due to COVID-19. So, this survey has been created to gain valuable input from residents and business owners in Port Hardy. This is your chance to share your ideas and priorities as to where the community should focus to make Port Hardy a better place to live, work and play.


    The survey is live and will take between 10 and 25 minutes to complete. As a thank you for taking the survey we welcome you to enter to win a $150.00 gift certificate to the Port Hardy Business of your choice. (note the prize must be received as a gift certificate or gift card and is not redeemable for cash).



    Why is our Official Community Plan important?

    The OCP reflects the community’s vision, values and priorities for the long term. By setting out a clear path forward today, we can collectively steer toward a coordinated and planned future that is more sustainable, resilient and provides a high quality of life for everyone.

    How does an Official Community Plan (OCP) help us reach our community goals?

    An OCP provides a blueprint for decision-making.  All municipal policies, plans, and regulations must be in alignment with the OCP. So, it is a valuable guide to support and coordinate all District activities so that the community moves forward in a coordinated fashion. Once adopted by Council, an OCP does not prevent change to the plan based on emergent issues or new information. In this way, an OCP is referred to as a “living document”.

    who uses an official community plan (ocp)? who does it affect?

    Port Hardy Council, District staff, developers, and professionals (e.g. architects, engineers, planners, etc.) use the OCP to understand what the community wants in the form of new housing, business, industry, and eco system protection, for example.  It also provides strategic direction on other growth management issues such as transportation and mobility, infrastructure and community amenities. The OCP also includes information on the areas suitable for certain types of development and which are not. The public can use the OCP to gain a better understanding of the future plans for their community as a whole and their specific neighbourhood.

    Are there rules or requirements for OCP’s?

    Provincial legislation (Local Government Act) outlines the purpose, required content and discretionary content of an Official Community Plan (OCP). The purpose of an OCP, under this legislation, is described as a “statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management”.

    For more information on the Local Government Act and official community plans, click this link and look for Division 4, section 471.

    What is involved in an Official Community Plan (OCP) review?

    An Official Community Plan review is an opportunity for Port Hardy to ensure that the vision and goals for the community are still important to the community. Since an official community plan is a long-term guiding document for the future of a community it is important that everything stated in the plan is still relevant to the community and is based on up to date information. So, we will be hosting a series of events for community members and stakeholders to provide their ideas, hopes and values on a range of topics affecting our community.

    About the Official Community Plan review…

    Starting in February this year, the District of Port Hardy began a review of the Official Community Plan (OCP). Port Hardy’s current plan was adopted by Council in 2011. It is important that the plan be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it continues to reflect the values, vision, and aspirations of the community. The review process is anticipated to take just over one year with the adoption of an Official Community Plan in late 2021.

    Why is public input needed?

    An Official Community Plan (OCP) Review involves significant public involvement from the beginning to the end so that goals and policies reflect community concerns and hopes for the future. During an OCP update, the review process is open, transparent, and requires broad input from residents, elected officials, staff, and stakeholders. It is the District’s priority to engage all residents in a wide number of activities over the course of the review.

    How does Covid-19 affect the OCP update?

    The COVID-19 crisis has meant that the normal public input events that we were planning on holding have been put on hold. We will be back up and running with normal public engagement events as soon as the Province provides the green light for larger public gatherings.  In the meantime, we will be providing more limited engagement through our online OCP platform.

    where can i get more information about the ocp?


    OCP Open House #1 Kick Off Synopsis

    Did you miss the Open House in January? Here you can read about what was presented and what we gathered.

    We look forward to updating you on future events. If you should have any questions or comments about the OCP please email ocp@porthardy.arraydev.net.


    Open House Update

    Thanks to everyone who came to the Open House on Saturday.

    In case you missed it, we created a short video so you can stay up to date. Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates.

    If you want to submit comments, email us at ocp@porthardy,ca.



    Official Community Plan Project Overview

    Project Overview


    An Official Community Plan review is an opportunity for the District of Port Hardy to ensure that the goals and objectives which were set out in the OCP adopted in 2011 are still important and relevant to the community now. This document is a long-term guiding document for the future of Port Hardy and future Councils will use this plan, created by the community, to guide their decision making in the future with respect to land use, social sustainability, climate and future growth.


    Starting with the Project Kick Off January 25, 2020 at 3:00 pm in the Civic Centre and running through the duration of 2020 with the final adoption of the OCP completing in late 2020 early 2021.


    The OCP reflects the community’s values and priorities as presented through its vision. When we set a clear vision today we can ensure that the District’s future growth will be in a way that is sustainable and provides a high quality of life for our current and future residents.


    All District policies, plans and regulations MUST be in line with the OCP, so this is a powerful guide for District Council decision making. An effective OCP provides clear direction but does not preclude changes to the plan based on evolving circumstances or interpretation of policies by Council and staff. This is a living document.


    An Official Community Plan (OCP) Review involves significant public involvement from the beginning to the end so that goals and policies reflect community concerns and hopes for the future. During an OCP update, the review process is open, transparent, and requires broad input from residents, elected officials, staff and stakeholders. It is the District’s goal to engage residents of all ages and backgrounds to participate in a wide number of activities over the review.


    Email OCP@porthardy.arraydev.net